MassPACE Has Hired a New Executive Director!

The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Association of PACE Programs, “MassPACE,” (Programs of All-inclusive are for the Elderly), has chosen Jennifer Maynard, BS, RN, MPA, currently with Fallon Health’s local PACE program, Summit ElderCare, as their new Executive Director, effective October 16, 2023. Jennifer replaces Candace Kuebel, LCSW, MSW, MBA, who is retiring November 3, 2023.

Jennifer has spent much of her career in home and community-based care and integrated primary care – ranging from on the ground in-home care systems, PACE, and the state Medicaid system, (MassHealth). Currently a PACE Clinical Site Director, Jenn is responsible for leading a team of 50 individuals across 11 disciplines to coordinate all program services and day to day operations of the PACE Center. During her tenure at MassHealth, Jenn implemented and oversaw several models of care, including the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), supporting MassHealth’s expansive Delivery System Reform Efforts, and previously served as the Director of Managed Care Programs.

In seeking this role, Jennifer (“Jenn”), expressed that she is passionate about models of care that embrace person-centered, coordinated care, in going the extra mile, in meeting patients where they are and building teams that are open to innovation. She has extensive experience working with interdisciplinary teams and fostering operational efficiencies. Jenn is currently crafting her doctoral dissertation (BayPath University, Doctor of Health Science, expected graduation May 2024), on the outcomes associated with PACE for nursing home eligible seniors living in community settings.

“Jennifer will be a driving force to expand and support PACE organizations and participants across the Commonwealth, and at the national level. I have worked with Jennifer for just under 5 years, and know she will step into this role as we continue to expand access to PACE in the highest quality manner,” said Kristine Bostek, MassPACE Board President and Senior Vice President of PACE Programs for Fallon Health.

Transitions at MassPACE

The MassPACE Board of Directors is seeking applications for a new Executive Director of the Association, effective immediately. The Board recently announced that the current director, Candace Kuebel, will be retiring by year-end, and is actively recruiting for this position. Interested applicants should send an email to:, and include a cover memo and resume.  CLICK HERE to view the Job Description.

Organization: MassPACE Association, Inc.
Position Title: Executive Director
Reports to: Board Chair, MassPACE Association

To Apply:

  • Email: (1) your resume and (2) cover letter (not to exceed two pages) to with (3) a subject line of “Last Name ED Application 2023” (g., Smith ED Application 2023”)
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until a candidate is selected. Preference will be given to candidates who apply within the first fourteen (14) days.

Who We Are: MassPACE Association, Inc. (MassPACE)

MassPACE is a 501(c)(6) corporation that works to advance the efforts of PACE (Program of All Inclusive are for the Elderly), and its membership, which comprises the eight PACE
organizations in the state. An affiliate of the National PACE Association (, the mission of MassPACE is: Through advocacy, education, and policy research, to provide leadership and support for growth, access, quality, and success of PACE in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Vision of MassPACE is: PACE will be accessible to every eligible consumer in the Commonwealth of MA and recognized as an extraordinarily innovative, accessible, valuable and effective model of care for individuals with significant health care needs.

Our primary goals are:

  • Advocate for Public Policies That Support PACE
  • Promote the Value of PACE and Support Responsible Growth
  • Preserve the Integrity of the PACE Model of Care Through Member Support and Empowerment
  • Support the Development and Retention of a Diverse Workforce

Position Description:

MassPACE is looking for an Executive Director to lead the Association. Working with one staff member and contracted consultants, the Executive Director has primary responsibility for the association’s consistent achievement of strategic, fiscal, and programmatic goals. The Executive Director will be responsible for managing all programming, data analytics, operations (financial and legal), marketing, community outreach, and maintaining organizational accountability, to deliver results. The Executive Director will develop deep knowledge of the PACE model to best support the Directors managing each program. As a very small organization, this is a hands-on position, requiring the ability to perform many administrative tasks as well as strategic priorities.

MassPACE has experienced significant impact over its first 5 years, and the new Executive Director is expected to lead the association through continued growth, sustainability, and emerging issues that may impact the future direction of PACE and the Association. As the executive leader of MassPACE, the Executive Director will foster a positive and collaborative work environment, engaging the staff, consultants, and stakeholders to work together towards fulfilling the organization’s mission.

Supervision Received:

The Executive reports to the President of the Board of Directors, and also works closely with the Board to develop goals and strategic objectives. The position maintains latitude for independent action.

Supervision Exercised:

Actively manages and administers, directly or through staff and contractors, all the affairs and activities of MassPACE.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Serve as the face of the organization when communicating with stakeholders, including government entities, partners, general public, and others. Serve as the organization’s primary spokesperson in support of and in collaboration with the Administration.
  • Develop and execute deliverables and programs that are consistent with the organization’s strategic plan, balancing current priorities and long-range goals of the Board, staff, and members.
  • Provide thought leadership and participation in collaboration with the Executive Office of Health & Human Services, the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, and affiliated stakeholders.
  • Build trust across PACE organizations with a special focus on a collaborative culture between programs.
  • Lead and uphold MassPACE’s mission and vision, both internally and externally.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be able to travel throughout the state of Massachusetts as needed.
  • 5+ years’ experience in a senior leadership role
  • Executive leadership experience in developing and managing organizational budgets, reviewing financing, and financial reporting
  • Strong organizational ability and analytic skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Self-starter, ability to work well alone and proven skills in convening members and stakeholders to solve problems, and develop future opportunities while maintaining positive and productive relationships
  • Detail-oriented; excellent time management skills, ability to multi-task Preferred Qualifications:
  • Association experience in a management role
  • Experience working in PACE, passionate about serving the needs of older adults and individuals with significant health care needs
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience
  • Knowledge of state government at the administrative and legislative levels

Commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion

MassPACE and its member organizations are committed to having Diversity, Equity, and
Inclusion embedded into the programs and services we offer, reflected in the people we impact
and our workplace culture.

We strive to:

  • Identify and dismantle historical and existing barriers within systems, policies, and practices to create long term economic opportunity and access for all.
  • Increase our impact and productivity by fostering a workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Learn from the mistakes we are aware of, and to foster an environment that encourages our partners, stakeholders, and employees to hold us accountable.

This position is 100% contracted through the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, which is a 501(c)(3) organization offering a generous and very
competitive benefits package including:

  • Remote workplace
  • Health insurance
  • HRA (Health Reimbursement Account)
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 13 paid holidays
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick time
  • 7% SEP contribution after one year of service
  • Short-Term, Long-Term and AD&D Insurance
  • Life Insurance up to $250,000
  • Voluntary employee retirement plan options
  • Health Flexible Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Assistance Program

MassPACE is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal Employment Opportunity: MassPACE is committed to building a culturally diverse workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive
consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other
characteristic protected by law.

Research suggests that qualified women and Black & Indigenous POC may self-select out of opportunities if they don’t meet 100% of the job requirements. We encourage individuals who believe they have the skills necessary to thrive at MassPACE to apply for this role.

Please note: the recommended candidate must successfully complete pre-employment screening.

If you require assistance with the application/interview process and would like to request an accommodation, please email

Job type: Full Time, Fully remote, ability to travel required

Salary range: $97,000 – $137,000

Location: Massachusetts

Email: (1) your resume and (2) cover letter (not to exceed two pages) to with (3) a subject line of “Last Name ED Application 2023” (g., Smith ED Application 2023”)

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until a candidate is selected. Preference will be given to candidates who apply within the first fourteen (14) days.

A Spotlight on PACE Nurses

During this week’s quarterly meeting of MassPACE, we had the privilege of speaking with our exceptional PACE nurses in celebration of National Nurses Week and International Nurses Day. The nurses we chose to spotlight were nominated for the distinguished Phyllis Solomon Award, established to honor the memory of Phyllis Solomon. Phyllis Solomon was a highly dedicated PACE nurse who former Governor Charlie Baker commended for her “open-minded approach to patient care” and unwavering commitment to public service. The Phyllis Solomon Award nominees hold extraordinary reputations as nurses and for having a passion for the PACE model of care.

Wendy Manseau

Our first nominee was Wendy Manseau, an experienced Home Care Nurse with 11 years of service at Summit Eldercare. Wendy described hearing about PACE through a colleague she worked alongside during her night shifts at the ICU. Her friend’s positive experience intrigued her, specifically, her description of PACE allowing her to “do more for patients and their families.” Since joining PACE, Wendy has consistently gone above and beyond her regular responsibilities, often assisting participants by picking up medications or supplies from pharmacies when they didn’t have anyone else to help. By actively engaging in the well-being of her participants, Wendy has established a deep connection with them, ensuring they receive both physical and emotional support.

Caity Boyle

Caity Boyle, an enrollment nurse at Element Care PACE, finds immense fulfillment in her job. She describes working for PACE as highly rewarding, enabling her to help others access vital services and care for the population she serves. Known as a tireless advocate for prospective participants, Caity consistently maintains a positive outlook. Furthermore, she inspires her team and continuously seeks innovative ways to enhance communication and collaboration between IDTs and center-based staff. Caity’s commitment to navigating complex paperwork for her clients is admirable, and her genuine belief in and passion for her work contribute to her effectiveness in this role.

Janene Devlin

Janene Devlin, who served as the Clinical Nurse Manager at Harbor Health for five years before retiring last year, continues to demonstrate her dedication by working a few per diem shifts for the ESP PACE team. Her colleagues describe her as someone with the astonishing ability to calm clients down with her presence. Marina Adorno, home care coordinator at Harbor Health ESP, says she was glad to have such a hardworking boss like Janene and reflects, “She is always teaching, and I am always learning.”. Dedicated teachers are always in need, especially in the nursing field; Janene generously passed along the skills, passion, and attitude needed to get through difficult days working as a nurse.

Anne Killam

After dedicating 20 years of her career to triage/warfarin nursing, Anne Killam transitioned to Mercy Life PACE, primarily driven by the focus on teamwork within the organization. Anne says she enjoys the PACE model’s unique blend of nursing, social work, and hospice care. Colleagues describe Anne as someone who wholeheartedly prioritizes the well-being of participants and demonstrates genuine care for them. Despite being one of only two homecare nurses, Anne dedicates ample time to all her patients. The emphasis on teamwork in the PACE healthcare model allows nurses like Anne to deliver comprehensive care to all her participants equally.

Shona Gibson

Shona Gibson, a nurse practitioner with an impressive 38 years of experience, left her role as a clinical director to return to more direct involvement in patient care. Jed Geyerhan, CHA PACE’s Executive Director, characterizes Shona as a clinician whose work is more of a life mission than a job. Shona’s dedication to her participants is evident in her willingness to visit them even on weekends when she is off duty. Jed emphasizes that Shona’s level of dedication represents the caliber of commitment one remembers; he emphasizes, “You all know a Shona because you know the type of dedication this represents.”

The fact that nurses like Shona chose to work for PACE speaks volumes about the program. Shona highlights the unique aspects of the PACE model that support wellness and independence in the community, foster long-term relationships, and allow care plans to adapt to changing healthcare needs, including end-of-life care. She finds the job meaningful, leveraging her nursing training and drawing upon her extensive experience and skills.

Thank You to Our PACE Nurses

As you may have noticed, many of the nominees credited the PACE model of care for their unwavering commitment to their profession. They felt that the PACE model fosters and sustains their dedication, passion, and commitment to exceptional patient care. A poignant reflection on this point comes from Wendy Manseau, who aptly states, “Everybody is valued equally whenever anything comes up, we get our heads together, and we all figure it out, every idea is valued, and sometimes things come up that you wouldn’t even think of.” The sense of support and teamwork they feel working with an interdisciplinary team motivates Wendy and many of our PACE nurses to go above and beyond in their roles.

Nurses play an indispensable role in society and within our PACE IDT teams. Nurses Week provides an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of our dedicated nurses. This year, MassPACE has chosen to spotlight the nurses nominated by their colleagues for their exceptional commitment and love for their work, with the PACE model of care consistently recognized as a contributing factor. We thank all nurses, including our PACE nurses, for their invaluable contributions.