Bouncing Back with PACE

bouncing back pace stories

Born in Haverhill, and living in Gloucester, Paul Archambault was a fabric cutter for antique car interiors and upholstery. Paul loves everything about antique cars, especially driving them.

While camping in 1997, Paul was hit twice by lightning and suffered seizures and lost his teeth. He also suffered from heart problems, short term memory loss, lower back pain, vertigo, migraines and ringing in his ears.

Since Paul joined PACE at Element Care in April of 2014 his health and quality of life have improved significantly.

After joining PACE at Element Care, Paul had a stent inserted to help with his heart problems. He also received new hearing aids and dentures. Paul’s nurses at Element Care help him with his medication due to his short-term memory issues. For his lower back pain and migraines, Paul receives acupuncture one day a week at the PACE Adult Day Health Center.

Paul loves to come in to Element Care’s PACE Center to socialize and participate in activities. He attends the PACE Center four times a week where his favorite pastime is completing jigsaw puzzles.

Paul has been a great PACE ambassador who loves to tell everyone in his community and at church about all the ways that PACE has changed his life.

Paul Scola’s New Lease on Life

Born, raised and living in Gloucester, Paul Scola served in the army in the 70’s and built a reputation in the community as a plumber with a great work ethic.
Years later while Paul was enjoying a cup of coffee at a local shop, a car crashed into the building pinning him against a wall. As a result of the accident, Paul developed a large hernia that affected his organs and he was no longer able to work as a plumber.

Paul also had significant issues with his teeth and struggled with a substance use disorder and at one point was admitted to Beth Israel Hospital where he was told he had a low chance of survival.

Paul did survive his hospital stay and joined PACE at Element Care where he found a new lease on life. His hernia was treated immediately and his smile returned after receiving free dental care.

With the help of the Element Care clinical team and his behavioral health therapist, Paul overcame his substance use disorder in 2008. Working with Element Care’s rehab specialists and care team, Paul regained his health and has even competed in Element Care’s PACE Olympics multiple times over the last few years.

In 2016, Paul was elected by the participants at his PACE center in Gloucester to represent them on Element Care’s Participant Advisory Committee. He is recognized by his peers for his inspiring story and leadership in PACE.

Getting Healthy With PACE

Born in Cambodia, and living in Lowell, Chhoeun Chhim arrived in Lowell in 1997 and helped form the Khmer Cultural Council to serve the Khmer Community in Lowell.

Mr. Chhoeun was struggling with obesity and living with Type 2 Diabetes. He had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, trouble breathing due to asthma and mild COPD.
Chhoeun was reluctant to join PACE at Element Care at first. However, since joining PACE in May of 2016, his health has improved significantly and now he prefers the Element Care team to look after him.

After joining PACE at Element Care and with the help of Element Care’s physical and occupational therapy team, Chhoeun has lost over 40 pounds by transitioning to a low fat and low carbohydrate diet. In addition, he exercises daily for 30 minutes.

To help with his asthma and mild COPD, Chhoeun has stopped smoking and continued his weight loss program. He loves to come in to Element Care’s PACE Center to socialize with his peers and participate in activities.

Mr. Chhim is a leader in the Khmer community and is a strong advocate for PACE at Element Care.