Getting Healthy With PACE

Born in Cambodia, and living in Lowell, Chhoeun Chhim arrived in Lowell in 1997 and helped form the Khmer Cultural Council to serve the Khmer Community in Lowell.

Mr. Chhoeun was struggling with obesity and living with Type 2 Diabetes. He had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, trouble breathing due to asthma and mild COPD.
Chhoeun was reluctant to join PACE at Element Care at first. However, since joining PACE in May of 2016, his health has improved significantly and now he prefers the Element Care team to look after him.

After joining PACE at Element Care and with the help of Element Care’s physical and occupational therapy team, Chhoeun has lost over 40 pounds by transitioning to a low fat and low carbohydrate diet. In addition, he exercises daily for 30 minutes.

To help with his asthma and mild COPD, Chhoeun has stopped smoking and continued his weight loss program. He loves to come in to Element Care’s PACE Center to socialize with his peers and participate in activities.

Mr. Chhim is a leader in the Khmer community and is a strong advocate for PACE at Element Care.