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Joint Committee on Elder Affairs

This article was originally posted on X. Watch the video here. “PACE is the standard for what wrap-around care should look like…. family caregivers deserve the support they need to keep family members out of hospitals and nursing homes.” #NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth 👏💛👨‍🦽 Watch Tracy’s testimony here(@1hr40mins): Watch the video here.

PACE is transforming the lives of older adults and their families

Read the full article here. Nilda Goodridge couldn’t stop worrying about her mom, Sheila. At 87, Sheila lived alone in Cambridge. She grew increasingly isolated, cried often, and lost weight at an alarming rate. Nilda wasn’t sure what was happening to the strong, independent mother she remembered raising her, a woman who had risen at […]

Lowell couple take on spinal cord injury together

Read the full article here. Tracy Leedberg’s story is rife with sadness, triumph, hope and perseverance. And when Leedberg reconnected with her high school friend after more than two decades, her life came full circle. James Radcliffe found his way back to Leedberg and, in 2018, the two settled comfortably in Tyngsboro. But one year […]

Prescription relief leaves out PACE participants; lets change that

This article was originally posted on Mcknights Home Care. Read the full article here. Among the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act is a cap on out-of-pocket spending on Part D prescriptions for Medicare beneficiaries. The legislation sets the cap at $2,000 annually. This is a positive step toward reducing the healthcare burden for seniors […]

PACE Nurses Meet people where they are

This article was originally posted on The Reporter. Read the full article here. As a nurse, I can tell you the national nursing shortage is not just media hype. Too many good colleagues are leaving the profession, creating vacancies throughout medical settings. But I still believe the same thing I thought when I entered this […]

PACE Enrollment Reduces Family Caregiver Burden

This article was originally posted on Vital Research. Read the full article here. This is the first in a series of five briefs focused on self-reported perceptions of burden of family caregivers with loved ones enrolled in the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). The PACE model provides integrated interdisciplinary preventative, primary, acute, […]

Meet the Underdog of Senior Care

This article was originally posted on The New York Times. Read the full article here. Felicia Biteranta was struggling when, five years ago, she enrolled in a PACE program operated by Lutheran Senior Life in Jersey City, N.J. Having suffered a stroke, she found it hard to eat without choking. She fell frequently; her diabetes […]

PACE Caregiver Satisfaction Survey

This article was originally posted on The National PACE Association. Read the full article here. In 2018 NPA partnered with Vital Research to conduet the first PACE Family Caregiver Satisfaction Survey. The impact of PACE programs on caregivers is an untold part of the benefit that PACE provides to the community. The National PACE Caregiver […]


PACE is available in 271 of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. Use our zip code directory to see if PACE is available in your community.


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Each of the 8 PACE programs in the state are independent, not-for-profit organizations, with their own enrollment and assessment process. Contact the PACE program that serves your geographical area, and ask to speak to an enrollment specialist.