Paul Scola’s New Lease on Life

Born, raised and living in Gloucester, Paul Scola served in the army in the 70’s and built a reputation in the community as a plumber with a great work ethic.
Years later while Paul was enjoying a cup of coffee at a local shop, a car crashed into the building pinning him against a wall. As a result of the accident, Paul developed a large hernia that affected his organs and he was no longer able to work as a plumber.

Paul also had significant issues with his teeth and struggled with a substance use disorder and at one point was admitted to Beth Israel Hospital where he was told he had a low chance of survival.

Paul did survive his hospital stay and joined PACE at Element Care where he found a new lease on life. His hernia was treated immediately and his smile returned after receiving free dental care.

With the help of the Element Care clinical team and his behavioral health therapist, Paul overcame his substance use disorder in 2008. Working with Element Care’s rehab specialists and care team, Paul regained his health and has even competed in Element Care’s PACE Olympics multiple times over the last few years.

In 2016, Paul was elected by the participants at his PACE center in Gloucester to represent them on Element Care’s Participant Advisory Committee. He is recognized by his peers for his inspiring story and leadership in PACE.