Take the PACE 101 Training

Enroll in a one-hour training module covering the fundamentals of PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly).

Discover eligibility criteria, available services, and the unique ways in which the PACE Interdisciplinary and integrative approach facilitates aging in place.

The course features interactive elements and includes videos showcasing staff and participants. Gain insights to dispel common misconceptions about the program. This course is designed for a diverse audience interested in the PACE model, including caregivers, older adults seeking care, aging service providers, and new PACE staff members.


PACE is available in 271 of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. Use our zip code directory to see if PACE is available in your community.

News & Advocacy

Join MassPACE in advocacy efforts to expand access to PACE and catch up on the latest news and events about PACE across the state.


If you would like to join our advocacy and outreach to further this goal; or if you are an organization interested in developing PACE, please contact us.