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PACE: Where You Belong – Part 3: Stories of Inspiration and Empowerment

In the third and final installment of our “PACE: Where You Belong” series, we bring to you heartening stories of inspiration and empowerment from the participants and their caregivers of Neighborhood PACE and Cambridge Health Alliance(CHA) PACE. These narratives reflect the profound impact of PACE programs and illuminate its members’ life-changing experiences. Kathleen Monteleone – […]

Let the Secret out by Expanding Older Adults Access to PACE

This article was originally posted on Kevin MD. Read the full article here. PACE, the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, has long been considered the best-kept secret in the American health care system. It’s time to unveil this hidden gem. The health and well-being of older Americans – and the future of our […]

Joint Committee on Elder Affairs

This article was originally posted on X. Watch the video here. “PACE is the standard for what wrap-around care should look like…. family caregivers deserve the support they need to keep family members out of hospitals and nursing homes.” #NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth 👏💛👨‍🦽 Watch Tracy’s testimony here(@1hr40mins): Watch the video here.

The PACE Solution to Increasing Demands for Long-term Supports and Services in the U.S.

This article was originally posted on JD Supra. Read the full article here. As individuals continue to live longer beyond retirement and the U.S. population size of those 65 years and older continues to increase, the demand for long-term services and supports (“LTSS”) is also expected to increase.[1] LTSS represents the wide-ranging health and social […]

Study Session PACE 101

This article was originally posted on Dignity Alliance MA. Read the full article here. The Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is an evidence-based care model for older adults who meet a nursing-home level of care but live in community settings. These organizations blend funding from Medicare and Medicaid to integrate preventive, […]

How the PACE Model Integrates Medical Care with Long-term Services and Supports

This article was originally posted on AARP Policy Institute . Read the full article here. Adults who need long-term services and supports (LTSS)—that is, assistance with everyday activities such as bathing and preparing meals—often have complex medical care needs. At the same time, they may face significant barriers to obtaining needed, timely medical care, putting […]

Is there a physician shortage

This article was originally posted on McKnights Homecare. Read the full article here. In the face of a growing physician shortage, older adults are less likely to find the care they need. Today, the number of primary care physicians is growing, but not fast enough to keep pace with aging Americans who will soon account […]

PACE: Where You Belong – Part 2: Stories of Resilience and Community

In our continued journey through the PACE narrative, we dive into the second chapter of our three-part series. Focusing on the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), we’re privileged to shed light on its transformative reach. As we embrace this month’s theme, “PACE: Where You Belong,” we illuminate the depth and breadth of […]

Reframing Senior Care to Include PACE

This article was originally posted on McKnights Homecare. Read the full article here. The Harvard Business Review recently called PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) the roadmap for elder care. The paper’s authors agreed that its financially advantageous structure and individualized healthcare plans should position PACE as the model for the rest of […]

PACE: Where You Belong – Part 1: Transforming Lives Through Community-Centric Care for Older Adults

This year, as we celebrate National PACE Month-themed “PACE: Where You Belong,” we begin our 3-part blog series to spotlight each of our eight PACE programs, whose goal is fostering community and connectivity—fundamental elements for individual well-being. For our first blog, we hear stories from three PACE programs; Serenity Care, Mercy LIFE, and Element Care […]

MassPACE Has Hired a New Executive Director!

The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Association of PACE Programs, “MassPACE,” (Programs of All-inclusive are for the Elderly), has chosen Jennifer Maynard, BS, RN, MPA, currently with Fallon Health’s local PACE program, Summit ElderCare, as their new Executive Director, effective October 16, 2023. Jennifer replaces Candace Kuebel, LCSW, MSW, MBA, who is retiring November […]

Pay For What Matters To Patients: A Whole Health Population-Based Payment Approach

This article was originally posted on Health Affairs. Read the full article here. While value-based purchasing (VBP) programs have proliferated in the past two decades, quality measures have become increasingly important as they are employed to calculate the “value” of care. The health care industry, however, is struggling with a quality measurement dilemma. On the […]

What is PACE?

PACE is centered on the core belief that given a choice, most elders, the disabled, and their families would choose to receive care in their homes and communities rather than in a nursing home.

PACE Eligibility

In an effort to serve as an accessible option for the elderly and disabled people 55 and over in Massachusetts, there are only four criteria to be eligible for PACE.

News & Advocacy

Join MassPACE in advocacy efforts to expand access to PACE and catch up on the latest news and events about PACE across the state.