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Considerations for Combining PACE with Housing

In recent years, there has been a recognition of the importance of social determinants of health, including the impact of where a person lives on their overall health and well-being. This is especially true for older adults, for whom safe, accessible, housing with integrated health and long-term care services (such as home care, housekeeping, and […]

EBNHC + TND + PACE =A New Era for our Senior Citizens

Read the full article here. In 1965, the rock band The Who gave us this iconic line in their anthemic 1960s song, My Generation: “Hope I die before I get old.” Well, anyone old enough to remember that song (and reading this column) obviously didn’t follow their advice — and those now-senior citizens are far […]

PACE and Affordable Senior Housing

This video was originally posted on Vimeo. Watch the video here.

Letter: Congress can help the elderly

This article was originally posted on Newbury Port News. Read the full article here. To the editor: Recent legislation that reduced Medicare Part D prescription costs leaves out similar protections for beneficiaries who wish to be served by Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). This comes at a time when many seniors as […]

Senators introduce bill to lower prescription costs for seniors with chronic illnesses

This article was originally posted on The Hill. Read the full article here. Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) on Wednesday introduced a bill that would allow people enrolled in the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) to choose their prescription drug plan under Medicare Part D and save more in […]

PACE is transforming the lives of older adults and their families

Read the full article here. Nilda Goodridge couldn’t stop worrying about her mom, Sheila. At 87, Sheila lived alone in Cambridge. She grew increasingly isolated, cried often, and lost weight at an alarming rate. Nilda wasn’t sure what was happening to the strong, independent mother she remembered raising her, a woman who had risen at […]

Survey: One in Four U.S. Older Adults Needed Long-Term Care for Themselves or a Loved One In 2022

This article was originally posted on Nexus Insights. Read the full article here. Results Twenty-four percent of U.S. adults ages 50 and older say they, or a loved one needed long-term care in the past year, according to a new, national survey. According to the survey findings, most older adults said the process of selecting […]

Congratulations to Serenity Care #PACE for receiving IHI Level II recognition as an #AgeFriendlyHealthSystem 

This post was originally posted on the MassPACE LinkedIn. Read the full post here. Congratulations to Serenity Care #PACE for receiving IHI Level II recognition as an #AgeFriendlyHealthSystem – Committed to Care ExcellenceGuided by an essential set of age-friendly evidence-based practices across the 4Ms (What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility). This geriatric model sets a systematic and practical standard of […]

Lowell couple take on spinal cord injury together

Read the full article here. Tracy Leedberg’s story is rife with sadness, triumph, hope and perseverance. And when Leedberg reconnected with her high school friend after more than two decades, her life came full circle. James Radcliffe found his way back to Leedberg and, in 2018, the two settled comfortably in Tyngsboro. But one year […]

LTSS Choices: From Ideation to Stand Practice: Scaling Innovation in Long-term Services and Supports

This article was originally posted on AARP. Read the full article here. Most innovations take a long time to diffuse, or simply may fail to do so. For example, in health care, the average time it takes for an evidence-based practice to make its way into general practice is 17 years, and half of all […]

Improving Access to and Enrollment in Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

This document was originally posted on Bipartisan Policy Center. Read the full PDF here. For the last decade, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Health Program has advanced federal policy reforms to improve chronic and long-term care for individuals with complex needs. This work began with four of BPC’s health leaders—former Senate Majority Leaders Tom Daschle and […]

What is PACE?

PACE is centered on the core belief that given a choice, most elders, the disabled, and their families would choose to receive care in their homes and communities rather than in a nursing home.

PACE Eligibility

In an effort to serve as an accessible option for the elderly and disabled people 55 and over in Massachusetts, there are only four criteria to be eligible for PACE.

News & Advocacy

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